Defend and protect your rights against unfair competition carried out by competitors. Receive comprehensive legal advice relating to competition law, advertising law and unfair competition law.

SUMAQ Law Firm offers a comprehensive range of services to protect its clients from unfair competition.

Our firm provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to address your needs, providing legal advice related to competition law, advertising law and unfair competition law. We take all the steps necessary in order to ensure the protection of your interests in these matters.
Our team of specialized lawyers with broad experience offers personalized solutions in the following areas:
Advice on highly complex issues, including litigation and preventive measures with regards to acts of deception, imitation , confusion, misappropriation of another party´s efforts, violation of secrets, unfair recruitment of employees and clients, misleading advertising, and obstruction among others.
Feasibility analysis for prosecution for acts of unfair competition.
Legal advice on agreements against competition and unfair competition practices.
Preparation of legal reports to establish the defense strategy and viability of claims for violations of rights of publicity and competition law.
Advice and preparation of legal reports regarding the management of retail business and responsibilities regarding product liability and labeling.
Preparation, drafting and negotiation of contracts of: advertising, broadcast advertising, sponsorship and advertising creation.
Legal defense in procedures regarding acts of unfair competition and infringement of intellectual property rights both at the national and European Union level.
Advice regarding contentious proceedings concerning unfair competition, advertising law and antitrust law.
Protection from the commission of unfair acts to the detriment of clients by means of commercial, civil, and criminal proceedings.

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Who are our clients?

Our customers are mainly companies and professionals seeking to protect their assets against unfair competition practices. They also require our services for the preparation, drafting and negotiation of advertising contracts.

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